FN 15® TAC3 Duty


Available for commercial and law enforcement.

FN’s custom furniture, including a 6-position stock with QD attachment points, and mid-length gas with H buffer make the FN 15 TAC3 Duty an extremely soft-shooting rifle that easily adapts to the user.



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FN 15 TAC3 Duty Carbine: Streamlined Performance

The FN 15 TAC3 Duty is purpose-built for law enforcement professionals who demand reliability, accuracy, and ergonomic excellence. Designed with a focus on practicality and ruggedness, this carbine delivers consistent performance in high-pressure scenarios. Let’s explore the key features that set the TAC3 Duty apart:

Key Specifications:

  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Operation: Direct impingement
  • Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 16 inches
  • Overall Length: 33″ – 36.2″

Features in Detail:

  1. MIL-SPEC Foundation:
    • The FN 15 TAC3 Duty is built on a true MIL-SPEC foundation, ensuring durability and reliability.
    • High-pressure tested and certified, it features an MPI-inspected bolt and an M16-style bolt carrier group.
    • The mid-length gas system and H buffer contribute to consistent cycling.
  2. Chrome-Lined Barrel:
    • The heart of the TAC3 Duty is its chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrel. Made from FN proprietary steel, this 16-inch barrel delivers exceptional accuracy and longevity.
    • The 1:7″ twist rate stabilizes a wide range of bullet weights.
  3. Lightweight Design:
    • Weighing just 6.5 pounds, the TAC3 Duty ensures maneuverability without compromising stability.
    • Law enforcement officers can confidently engage threats while maintaining control.
  4. Hodge Defense-Designed Handguard:
    • The rigid 14 5/8-inch Hodge Defense wedge lock handguard is fully free-floated. Constructed from 6061 aluminum, it minimizes deflection during intense use.
    • The proprietary barrel nut and anti-rotation technology ensure a secure fit.
    • Continuous 12 o’clock rail space and multiple M-LOK attachment points allow for lights, lasers, and other mission-critical accessories.
  5. Ambidextrous Controls:
    • The FN 15 TAC3 Duty features an ambidextrous charging handle and selector, enhancing versatility for both left- and right-handed shooters.
  6. Custom Components:
    • Outfitted with FN’s custom 6-position buttstock, pistol grip, and magazine, the TAC3 Duty prioritizes comfort and ease of use.
    • Whether patrolling urban streets or responding to emergencies, officers can rely on these thoughtfully designed components.
  7. Adjustable Overall Length:
    • The carbine’s overall length adjusts from 33 inches (collapsed stock) to 36.2 inches (fully extended). This adaptability suits various shooting positions and storage requirements.

Ready for Duty:

The FN 15 TAC3 Duty is more than a firearm; it’s a trusted companion. Its precision engineering, battle-tested features, and streamlined design make it an essential tool for law enforcement professionals. When duty calls, the TAC3 Duty delivers.

Note: Law enforcement pricing available upon request.



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