FN 545™ Tactical


Available for commercial, law enforcement, and military.

Suppressor-ready, with a threaded barrel and co-witness tritium night sights, this industry-first pistol is upgraded with the proven ergonomics of the FN 509® Tactical.



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The FN 545 Tactical is a remarkable addition to FN America’s lineup of semi-automatic pistols. Designed for discerning shooters who demand precision, versatility, and stopping power, this striker-fired handgun delivers exceptional performance in a sleek package.

Key Features:

  1. Low-Profile Optics Mounting System (MRD): The FN 545 Tactical features FN’s patented MRD system, allowing seamless attachment of most commercially available miniature red dot optics. Whether you prefer a Trijicon RMR, Holosun, or another popular sight, the 545 Tactical accommodates them all. The co-witness front and rear sights ensure reliable backup aiming.
  2. Auto-Indexing Compensator: The built-in compensator significantly reduces muzzle flip, enhancing follow-up shots. Experience better control and faster target reacquisition during rapid fire.
  3. Full-Sized Grip and Interchangeable Backstraps: The 545 Tactical offers a secure hold with its full-sized grip housing 15+1 rounds of 10mm Auto. The backstrap accepts interchangeable inserts, allowing customization for different hand sizes.


  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Operation: Double-action, striker-fired
  • Magazine Capacity: Available in 10 or 15/18 Rd.
  • Weight: 31.0 oz
  • Barrel Length: 4.71″
  • Overall Length: 8.3″
  • Twist Rate: 1:16 RH
  • Height: 6″
  • Width: 1.45″
  • Trigger Pull: 5.5 – 7.7 lbs.
  • Sight Radius: 6.1″

Construction Details:

  • Slide: The polymer slide features serrations on both the front and back for easy manipulation. The stainless-steel barrel has a recessed target crown for accuracy.
  • Frame: Ambidextrous controls facilitate manipulation, while the grip texture ensures a secure hold.

The FN 545 Tactical is not just a concealed carry pistol; it’s a platform for customization. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a self-defense enthusiast, this pistol adapts to your needs. Install your favorite optic, fine-tune the trigger, and experience world-class performance.

FN 545 Tactical combines innovation, precision, and practicality, making it an exceptional choice for those who demand excellence in their firearm. Elevate your shooting experience with FN’s cutting-edge design! 🔴🔫🎯

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